What is a Trust ?

The distribution of family inheritance & assets have always been a common worldwide issue. The implementation of China’s Reform & Open Policy have created numerous millionaire families after 30 years. However, many Chinese believe that their family wealth will not last for three generations and rarely being presented with a proper solution. In contrast, in European countries and America, many famous families, such as the Rockefeller family and the Kennedy family, have succeeded in establishing a family trust through inheritance administration and thus, forging a family foundation, preserving an everlasting foundation of family wealth.


Trust originated from the United Kingdom in the 18th century. The first investment company established in 1822 was Agricultural Lending Trust Investment Company. Trusts, banks, securities & insurance are the top four pillars of modern financial industry in developed countries. Trusts is most widely used in developed countries due to it's high level of confidentiality & as an asset preservation tool. As a result, trust is the first choice of many high-net-worth individuals.

For you.
For others.
For coming generations.

Establishing a DCS Private Trust can help you:

  • Provide for your beneficiaries
  • Avoid the cost, delay and publicity of probate court
  • Shield your heirs from family disputes
  • Preserve & administer your assets even after your demise
  • Shield your assets from creditors & lawsuits
  • Tax Planning
  • Maintain your privacy


CEO of Global Asset Trustee Mr. Liew Kok Wah who has over 3 decades of experiences in the trustee services industry. He served as the Head of Standard Chartered Bank Trustee (M) Berhad earlier. Global Assets Trustee has decades of trustee services administration experience with one of the earliest foreign bank owned and manage trustee companies in Malaysia. Currently has in it's portfolio, several private trust clients and clubs schemes with an asset valuation of about RM3.0 Billion.


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